Peter Kappert


Peter Kappert the founder of SSH and Chairman of the Board is responsible for the international and national representation.

Peter Kappert has studied economics and business management  in Switzerland and England. He is experienced in international business and collaboration with different cultures, having lived and worked in Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, Belgium and England.

Since 1991, Peter Kappert maintains leading positions in the Swiss healthcare sector. For over 15 years, he fulfilled the function as CEO of the Sonnenhof Ltd. Bern, before being elected Chairman. He was one of the founders of the Swiss Leading Hospitals and is President of the association. Between 1999 and 2006 he was Chairman of the Swiss Association of Private Hospitals and Member of the Board of the Swiss Hospital Association. Since 2005, he is Member of the Board of the European Association of Private Hospitals. He is Chairman of two subsidiaries of the Sonnenhof Ltd. Bern, PET Diagnostics Ltd.(a company running a Positron Emission Tomograph, founded by Sonnenhof Ltd. Bern in cooperation with the University Hospital of Berne) and City Emergency Bern (jointly owned by Sonnenhof Ltd. Bern and the University Hospital of Berne). He is a Member of the Board of Chinamed Bern, the third subsidiary of Sonnenhof Ltd. Bern managing centers of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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