SLH Accreditation

The Swiss Leading Hospitals (SLH)

The Swiss Leading Hospitals (SLH) were founded in 1999 by three leading Swiss private hospitals that committed themselves to the highest quality standards in the hospital-based healthcare delivery. Today, the association consists of 19 member hospitals in Switzerland and 2 international accredited members.

The SLH Standards

SLH set the standards a hospital must pursue and achieve on its way to excellence. These criteria present the reference based on which hospital quality audits are performed. SLH require an approach to quality improvement that is systematic, continuous, organisation-wide, and that covers all aspects of performance and supports innovation. A candidate hospital becomes an accredited member of SLH once it has successfully passed an audit by an independent auditor who is officially certified by Swiss authorities.

SSH as SLH's exclusive partner

SSH is the exclusive partner of SLH, supporting international hospitals in implementing SLH's quality standards and in becoming accredited member of SLH.