SSH develops detailed plans, manuals and programs necessary for preparing the hospital for the pre-opening stage (commissioning). The overall intent of this stage is a smooth and uneventful commencement of operations of the projected hospital.

The key areas to be addressed include the following:

  • Architectural Support: Assisting architects in determining the room-by-room space program of the projected hospital.
  • Equipment Plan: Specify and budget for the required equipment.
  • Facility Management: Specify and budget for the required hospital facility (e.g., water and electrical supply system, fire-extinguishing system)
  • Information System (IS) Planning: Determination of requirements for an IS of the projected hospital.
  • Procurement and Inventory Planning: Evaluation of required contracts for outsourced services and contracting activities.
  • Human Resources Planning: Development of job descriptions, a staffing plan, and personnel contracts. Search for and selection of the professional staff. Evaluation of potential candidates for the position for which they are considered (based on experience, skill level, ability for efficiency, productivity, accountability and other performance abilities).
  • Training: Provide new hire orientation; Training the staff to become familiar with the services and procedures, to be able to work with the equipment; Development of a training program.
  • Installation of Medical Equipment: Preparation of the installation site; Provision of personnel to install the equipment; calibration and testing; implementation of QA systems; knowledge transfer from the vendor to the staff.
  • Material and Supply Management: Development of processes and procedures for material management, purchasing, inventory control, control of central and unit supplies, pharmacy controls.
  • Development of the Hospital Management: Instruction of the hospital management staff in the use of international operational management standards and systems for collecting patient-related information (e.g., clinical, billing, accounting). Implementation of procedure manuals and reporting mechanisms. Education in the corporate strategy.
  • Compliance: Compliance of resources and processes with laws and regulations.
  • Policies and Procedures: Development of (preliminary) administrative manuals, policies and procedures for all departments, services and units.
  • Risk Management: Analysis of legal, political, regulatory, market and financial risks.
  • Safety and Environment Management: Secure occupational health and safety; Awareness development; Minimize negative impact on the environment from hospital operations.
  • Marketing Plan: Development of a marketing plan.
  • Commissioning: The commissioning phase ensures that the opening of the healthcare facility occurs in a timely and efficient fashion. Enhancing the level of acceptance of the healthcare facility through the marketing and promotion of the facility also takes place during this phase. Final implementation of all systems; Rehearsal; Detection and correction of system bugs; Activation of operations (staggered or simultaneously); Active marketing to achieve awareness in the targeted market. The overall intent during this stage is to position the projected hospital for obtaining future accreditation by a nationally or internationally recognized quality management system.